Barcelona Health Hub, new Event Partner of Sports Tomorrow Congress
12 Jul 2022   ·   

The next edition of Sports Tomorrow Congress will count on Barcelona Health Hub as Event Partner. Thus, STC23 adds a key partner in the healthcare industry.

Innovation in the world of health

Barcelona Health Hub promotes innovation in the world of digital health, serving as a link between startups, sanitary organizations, companies and investors. Networking and the collaboration between professionals of the sector, startups and hospitals are promoted by gaining access to BHH’s ecosystem of compatible companies dedicated to redefining health systems. 

Being part of Barcelona Health Hub’s community offers numerous advantages to its members. Thanks to the community app, it is possible to find members by their therapeutic areas and technologies, promote projects or post job offers.

In addition, the members of BHH’s ecosystem will be able to promote their projects, attend international events or ask for agreements with sanitary organizations to make clinical tests and project research.

A collaboration based on research and knowledge divulgation

Sports Tomorrow Congress promotes sharing of knowledge between professionals and disciplines applicable to the world of sport and society. Therefore, Barcelona Health Hub will add value to the STC23 mission.

The collaboration will be based on the creation of joint content with the purpose of reaching the biggest number of spectators possible, informing them about the projects that are being developed, as well as the new advances that will add value to society. 

As the STC23 approaches, you will be able to discover more topics, collaborators and speakers for our next edition.

If you want more information about the congress or want to register for the next edition, click here


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