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FC Barcelona Launches Barça GPS Tracker, the First Professional Tracking Device in Collaboration with Oliver Sport

22 Mar 2024   ·   

Editorial Team

The technological revolution in sports has made it essential to measure and control the data generated by a player to optimize their performance. However, the Barça GPS Tracker, a next-generation tracking tool, is not limited to providing the footballer and their coach with a series of numbers; it enters a new phase of monitoring: customizing data to enhance each footballer’s play according to their personal characteristics.

Barça Licensing & Merchandising and Oliver, the startup participated by the Barça Innovation Hub, have made elite technology for performance monitoring available to any footballer of any category from a 100% Barça perspective. It is the device used by players from La Masía and Barça academies around the world to enhance their performance. Both amateur players aspiring to become professionals and parents wishing for their children to be more active and engage in sports will have access to the same technology the club uses with its youngest athletes.

It involves an application that, through Artificial Intelligence, allows access to high-quality performance data much more efficiently. The Barça GPS Tracker will be available for online purchase from Wednesday, February 20, and will also be available at the Megastore of Spotify Camp Nou until April 9.

Becoming Part of a Culé Community of Players

By placing a simple sensor on the sock of one leg, with Barça GPS Tracker, the footballer can access a series of data with personalized treatment after each game or training session. The diagnosis provides suggestions for improving play, a gamified experience to increase motivation, allows effective health control, and facilitates performance comparison with a community of culés who also understand the game from the Barça philosophy, in addition to the first team players.

The application monitors all performance metrics, such as speed, types of runs (walking, jogging, sprinting), distance covered, accelerations and decelerations, and heat maps of the playing field. It also provides information on technical qualities of the game, such as the intensity of ball striking, passing, and dribbling. If the player needs to specifically develop any of these game or physical aspects, the application includes tips and information on how to improve it, like exercises explained by the club’s fitness trainers.

Health Control

One of the commitments of the Barça Innovation Hub is research in injury prevention. Barça GPS Tracker also stands out by providing information about external load and metrics that allow scheduling play frequency and time taking into account parameters such as injury risk.

The device is ideal for footballers of both genders aged 10 to 18 who play 3 to 4 times a week in clubs or academies. In formative categories, this volume of activity is already sufficient to receive guidelines for injury prevention through the app and to generate enough data for the application to provide personalized information to improve skills and technical abilities.

A Project of the Barça Innovation Hub

As announced at the Sports Tomorrow Congress held during the Mobile World Congress 2023 in Barcelona, Oliver is one of the 6 companies participated by the Barça Innovation Hub. One year later, Barça GPS Tracker is the first technological development of the Barça Innovation Hub.

The Oliver application, present in 180 countries and used by 220 coaches and 8000 players, was validated by the club by using it in La Masía. The development involved feedback from the club’s formative category coaches and all the technical staff accompanying them.

The comments from these experts have led to the creation of a device that improves data collection and adapts its algorithms to the Barça philosophy. The biggest problem with sports technology is that it can be expensive and boring, leading to demotivation, the breeding ground for sedentary entertainment. Barça GPS Tracker breaks that pattern.


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