Sports Tomorrow Congress and Mobile World Congress. A perfect collaboration
5 Jul 2022

Last Monday 13th June the collaboration between the Sports Tomorrow Congress and the Mobile World Congress was formalized in an event in which president Joan Laporta, and the CEO of GSMA, John Hoffmann, were present. As a result of this new alliance, the STC will be held within the framework of the MWC using La Fira de Barcelona premises, which is where GSMA’s congress is held.

This agreement marks the start of a new way towards the popularization of advancements and innovations in the sports world, thanks to the collaboration of two of the most important congresses in the sector at a global level.

Sports Tomorrow Congress. A glance to the future of Sports.

The Sports Tomorrow Congress, in the framework of Barça Innovation Hub, has been a space for the popularization of and debate about the technological advancements applied to sports since 2016. The most influential experts of the industry meet in this annual event to explore the scope of new discoveries and innovations, look for solutions to current problems, and explore which will be the key trends for the future.

In the last 2021 edition, there were more than 4000 attendees, 9 specific topics, 150 leading speakers in the industry, and more than 75 content hours that could be enjoyed in streaming during the month after the event. The role of women in sports was the main topic of the congress. Different topics and researches about how to take the most out of women sports were introduced.

In the 2023 STC, human cognition will be explored. The limits of sports training will be furthered developed and topics related to mental health, mechanisms to lead with anxiety, the improvement in self-esteem or stimulation of creativity in the field will be included.

Besides, the congress will focus on new technologies related to cognitive computing. Thanks to the advances in artificial intelligence, computers are developing adaptive qualities. In other words, they can now learn from their mistakes and adapt to new scenarios. Artificial intelligence provides a processing capacity above human limits. This opens a door to new scenarios which will expand business opportunities.

Barcelona, World Innovation and Investigation Hub

This new collaboration between events is a natural step towards the popularization of knowledge and a boost for the investigation and development of new technologies.

Both, MWC, in its mobile technology area, and STC in sports applied innovation are considered to be model congresses in their fields.

By means of the collaboration between STC and MWC, FC  Barcelona reaffirms its commitment with the Catalonian capital. This mission has always been a club’s clear objective, and it is confirmed day-by-day in both sports and social environments.

The MWC brings an unparalleled added value to the city, placing it in the map when referring to mobile technology. The STC offers the same in its area: innovation in the sports world that provides solutions that can be extrapolated to society.

Thanks to this new alliance, Barcelona will become the world capital of new technologies, investigation, and development.

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