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The future of fans’ sense of belonging relies on Blockchain technology

22 Mar 2024   ·   

The Barça Innovation Hub and WhiteBIT, one of the largest European centralized crypto exchanges and official cryptocurrency exchange partner of FC Barcelona, launched an educational program about blockchain technology as part of extensive initiatives within their partnership. The “Game-Changing Tech: Mastering Blockchain” course aims to foster an understanding of blockchain technologies and explore their practical applications in everyday life and professional contexts. The course is now available on the Barça Innovation Hub platform and is suitable for everyone wanting to deepen their expertise in modern technology.

Launching an educational program is one of the initiatives that WhiteBIT and FC Barcelona conduct as part of the partner mission: bringing together people of various industries and embedding quality innovations in their professional lives.

The social and physical world has been adapting to technological revolutions that have been changing social behaviours over the past few decades. The creation of the web in the 90s brought fans of a club closer together than ever before, even if they were scattered across the world.

The upcoming technology: blockchain, Web 3, and Artificial Intelligence have immense potential to spark a new revolution that deepens the cherished sense of belonging that fans have with their clubs, a feeling that has existed for over a century in the professional sports world. “61% of fans will purchase a digital item in the coming years in exchange for some form of physical compensation in the real world,” warned Alex Starikov, product owner of Whitechain, from the WhiteBIT, during one of the conferences of the latest Sports Tomorrow Congress.

Upon completing the course, students will be experts in selecting optimal blockchain solutions for specific tasks and will be familiar with real-world blockchain projects, particularly within the sports industry. Some applications this technology will have in the future day-to-day operations of a football club.

Another opinion study conducted by the consultancy PwC determined that 79.4% of sports executives believe that digital initiatives are the main innovation regarding fan engagement to consider in the future. And this relationship will be made through the blockchain system that companies like WhiteBIT offer to four million users worldwide, more than 1,000 institutional clients and more than 10 national currencies already.


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