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Validating the different tracking systems in football

26 Feb 2019   ·   

In November 2018, the Football Technology Innovation department at FIFA and Victoria University, conducted a research study in collaboration with the Barça Innovation Hub at the Mini Estadi, to explore the validity of the Electronic Performance Tracking Systems (EPTS) of 16 different companies.

These tracking systems which use Global Positioning Systems (GPS), Local Positioning Systems (LPS) and Optical Systems, had to track and collect positional and velocity data from 10 players through specific football movements and small sided games. The data captured was compared to the processed VICON tracking data which set the gold standard for this assessment.

The goal of this project is to create a report which reflects the accuracy of these systems as nowadays there is an increase in the demand for tracking systems by clubs around the world.

The Barça Innovation Hub Team


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