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Master in Team Sports Medicine

The Master’s Degree in Team Sports Medicine prepares highly-skilled professionals to develop and apply the knowledge acquired in the areas of prevention, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and the return to competitive sports following athletic injuries, both from the contemporary scientific perspective and from the practical experience acquired in the field of play.

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12 months








15.000 €


The initial six months take place at Hospital Clínic and Hospital Sant Joan de Déu from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., and the following five months at FC Barcelona from 3:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

This is complemented with further attendance to training sessions, courses and conferences at FC Barcelona, as well as on-bench practice.

Target Audience

The Master’s degree is aimed at physicians interested in understanding and managing the medical aspects—in particular sports injuries—of team sports such as football, basketball, handball, hockey, etc.

Learning Outcomes

From this master you will obtain the skills and knowledge you need to:

  • Apply sports medicine knowledge in pre-participation assessments and monitoring of athletes. Functional assessment and control, training.
  • Apply sports medicine knowledge in immediate on-field medical care for players. Advanced CPR.
  • Manage sports injuries: prevention, diagnosis, rehabilitation treatment and return to play.
  • Manage the most common medical pathologies: cardiology, dermatology, etc.
  • Gain practical experience in digital imaging: ultrasound, UTC, CAT, MRI, PET.
  • Apply sports medicine knowledge in nutrition, ergogenic aids and doping.
  • Manage travel, competitions and special populations.
  • Leader, manage multidisciplinary teams and the communication within the environment.


1. Team Sports Physician - Essencial Concepts (5 ECTS)

Contains 30 units where the main areas of sports medicine in the context of team sports are reviewed. It is an online course lasting four months, which can be taken before or during the Master’s degree.

2. Immediate Intervention in the Field, Main Situations (5 ECTS)

Two specialized courses in advanced cardiovascular resuscitation in the field, and main emergencies and intervention strategies for head injuries (concussion), dislocations, etc.

Duration: 2 weeks before or during attendance of the Master’s degree

Location: IEM Barcelona and FC Barcelona (Palau Blaugrana; Ciudad Deportiva)

3. Medical Issues Related To Physical Exercise And Sports Practice (20 ECTS)

There are many issues involved, and the physician specializing in sports medicine must understand the main aspects of physical activity with respect to traumatology and to cardiovascular, respiratory, gastrointestinal, renal, metabolic, dermatological, and mental functioning.

To this end, the student will spend time in the following Hospital Departments:

  1. Cardiology (Dra. Marta Sitges / Dra. Maria Sanz), Hospital Clínic
  2. Traumatology (Dr. Andreu Combalia), Hospital Clínic
  3. Radiology (Dr. Luis Donoso / Dr. Jaume Pomés), Hospital Clínic
  4. Pediatrics / Traumatology (Dr. Cesar Garcia Fontecha), Hospital Sant Joan de Déu
  5. Sports Medicine Unit (Dr. Gil Rodas / Dr. Franchek Drobnic / Dr. Ramon Balius / Dr. Toni Turmo / Dra.  Eva Ferrer), Hospital Clínic / Sant Joan de Déu

Duration: 5 months, one month in each hospital Department

4. Team Sports Injuries (20 ECTS)

Management and prevention of sports injuries, making the best diagnosis, cutting-edge rehabilitation programs, criteria for a correct return to training and competitive play in professional, youth and female sports. Students learn “in situ”, within the dynamics of youth and professional team training and competition, in order to understand how day-to-day activities are managed. To this end, they will spend time in:

  1. FCB Central Medical Services: Sports-medical assessments (Dr. Ramon Pi). Sports medicine consultation (Dr. Terricabes). Traumatology and Surgery (Dr. Puigdellivol y Dr. Andolz). Biological therapy treatments (Manel Garcia). Chiropody (Martin Rueda). Nutrition (Dr. Antonia Lizárraga). Diagnostic imaging (Dr. Sandra Mecho). Rehabilitation and readaptation (Silvia Ortega).
  2. Palau Blaugrana – Indoor sports: Handball (Dr. Gutiérrez). Basketball (Dr. Mindas Gudelis / Dr. Rupérez). Futsal (Dr. Miñarro). Hockey (Dr. Dominguez)
  3. Ciudad Deportiva: Professional soccer (Dr. Yanguas, Dr. Florit). Youth soccer (Dr. Xavier Valle). Female soccer (Dr. Domínguez and Dr. Eva Ferrer)
  4. Barça Innovation Hub. FC Barcelona Knowledge, Research and Innovation platform. A group of professionals using new technologies, machine learning and artificial intelligence to increase and share predictive models of injuries thanks to the monitoring and control of external and internal workload (Dr. Gerard Carmona, Dr. X. Reche, Dr. Javier Fernandez, Dr. Martí Casals, etc.).

Duration: 6 months

Location: FC Barcelona facilities

5. Master's Dissertation (10 ECTS)

Participants develop a research project related to what they have learned. This must be submitted by the end of the year and can also serve as the basis for a doctorate.

Master in Team Sports Medicine

Start Date:


Completion Date:



12 months








15.000 €

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